Three months into service!

IMG_0570Charley and I have been serving for about three months now. We are picking up momentum with projects at work and hiking on the weekends. This past weekend, we explored a new area southeast of Kutaisi. After a few hours of hiking, we decided to rest on a steep incline. Because of the incline, we could peak into someone’s yard and saw a Georgian woman doing chores. She seemed nice, so I knocked on her door to ask for the address (we were considering taking a taxi home). She invited us into her house for coffee and hazelnuts. After we turned down multiple offers for lobio and other satchmeli, Tiniko suggested that we return next weekend to have dinner with her and her husband, to which we said yes.




With views like these, we will definitely return!


IMG_0309Now, I mentioned we’ve picked up momentum at work. Classes at school continue to get better each day and some students who “zoned out” during class are now enjoying class activities. One sixth grader in particular surprised me and now is a superior class participant. Charley and I are brainstorming long-term projects and would like to introduce my students to American football next fall.


IMG_0494Occasionally, I help Charley teach English at his organization to lawyers and future-lawyers. The organization also promotes civic education. Last week, I attended a rally against domestic violence with Charley and his organization. Domestic violence is, unfortunately, a problem everywhere (not just in Georgia) and GYLA initiated a rally to raise awareness about this issue. Charley’s sign got a lot of attention from other participants and local media.