The Georgian Alphabet

When I first saw the Georgian alphabet, I wondered how I would ever be able to distinguish between the letters. Upon completion of Pre-Service Training, the Peace Corps hopes that trainees will have obtained a language score of intermediate-low (ACTFL score of 4 on scale 1-9). Charley and I did pass this requirement and will continue to be tested throughout the 2-year service.

I heard a joke yesterday about the Georgian alphabet. Apparently, when God was doling out alphabets to the peoples of the world the Georgian people were at a supra (feast with an extravagant amount of wine, and sometimes cha cha). Later that day, after learning that even their neighbors the Armenians had received an alphabet, the Georgians knocked on God’s door and asked for their own alphabet. He insisted that he was making spaghetti for dinner and that the Georgians should come back later. The Georgians became impatient and again asked for their alphabet. Frustrated, God threw the spaghetti on the ground at their feet and said, “Here’s your alphabet!”