We’re overwhelmed, not by the work we have to do but by how this program in Georgia has welcomed Charley and me with open arms. When our training class for Azerbaijan was canceled about a month ago we feared waiting several months for a reassignment. I discovered that the Peace Corps went above and beyond to get us into this program in Georgia; not only did the staff here make room for us but they even made one training site a mixed-sector site to accommodate us as the only married couple not serving in the same sector. We will be receiving more vaccinations than other trainees because our assigned vaccinations were for Ethiopia. There is a saying in Georgia (or Sakartvelo as we now call it) that every guest is a gift from God, and we’ve definitely experienced this hospitality not only with our kind host family but with the Peace Corps program in country.

We are learning Kartuli for hours every day and I taught 10th grade today for the first time. Charley visited Gori and interviewed the director of a local NGO which gives legal advice to people displaced by the 2008 war. The food is amazing! Fortunately, we walk so much that I don’t worry about gaining weight.

Our journey into the Peace Corps has been long and surprising, but we are amazed by this beautiful place as we train for our future service.